Our mission

MTB Modules works for hotels, restaurants and hospitals. We are not afraid of new challenges and we are happy to give charity. Creating a safer world is our mission.

We believe in sustainable housing solutions

Modular construction is one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world. We are proud to present you MTB Modules – a company that sets a new quality in modular systems. Regardless of whether your goal is a hotel, an office building or a residential house – our solutions closely match your needs.
We invite our supporters, investors and contractors to familiarize with our company’s offer. MTB Modules operates on the world market with many representatives.

Our goals

We strive to ensure that MTB Modules reaches every corner of the world. We want to meet the expectations of customers and create more and more new projects that we will be introducing both on the Polish and foreign market. We care about the quality of our materials and we can guarantee that it will always be at the highest level. In the modular building industry, we want to be at the forefront of global brands.

Your home in good hands

The MTB Modules company is helmed by 4 strong personalities who have enabled many to live in their dream home.

Check out our 3D virtual reality technology and experience the house as if it was real life. See our offer for yourself and immerse yourself in tiny living. Join the community that values environment and believes in better future.

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