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Put the house together yourself.  And move in within 60 days.  

With housing prices in big cities rising like crazy, many people are considering building a home in the suburbs. Land owners do not have to wait several months to put up their dream place on earth. All thanks to modular homes. The industry is booming now.

Even before the pandemic broke out, the real estate market was heating up. Neither more expensive housing nor the ever-increasing prices of building materials and labor dampened interest in housing. When COVID-19 emerged, far more people turned their attention to out-of-town homes. The lucky ones were those who had land. Prices of land plots skyrocketed and today they are really an asset for the rich. However, while financing the purchase is manageable (thanks to cheap credit), there are elements that keep investors awake at night. We are talking about bureaucracy and the time needed to complete the project. A few years ago the construction of a house took even two years, today many developers “close” their investments within 10-11 months. Of course, we do not take into account the time needed for paperwork. In the case of “individual” construction, this element can be particularly burdensome.

And that is why the modular building industry is booming. Especially that these are no longer tin containers associated with social and office buildings. Nowadays, kindergartens, public buildings and even hotels are made of modules. Increasingly, however, this way of construction is chosen by individual customers. Especially that the market is full of offers of small houses with an area not exceeding 35 square meters, for which you do not need a building permit.

Among the advantages of such buildings, in addition to saving time and not having to obtain a permit, is a very high quality of workmanship. Specific elements are made in a factory, where temperature and humidity are controlled, so that the conditions are as optimal as possible. Not only the windows and the roof with covering are prepared in the factory but also all installations. Thanks to this we are able to order a turnkey building, which is ready to live in right away. This kind of preparation shortens the construction time to a minimum. MTB Modules declares that such a house will be ready to move in within 30 days from the date of placing an order. The only thing needed to build such a house is a foundation slab. The time needed for its preparation and concrete drying takes as long as production of a modular house in a factory.

The base of a modular house is a self-supporting steel frame. Filling can be chosen freely. Most often these are sandwich panels, wood-based panels or expanded concrete. Such walls are insulated with foamed polystyrene or mineral wool. Thanks to that buildings meet standards of energy-saving construction. Module can create a structure for larger buildings: hotels, office buildings. What the façade will look like is up to the client, but the company has a number of different designs that can be used. MTB Modules is currently developing modules for a client in Dubai, where a hotel with five-star standard rooms will be built.

Of course, in the case of modular homes, the entire cost of construction has to be borne at the beginning of the investment, because you pay for the house at once, and not in stages, as is the case with a house. Taking into account the shorter time of investment realization, the modular house turns out to be a cheaper alternative to a building erected in traditional technology. What’s more – modular houses can be built regardless of the weather. In case of houses built in traditional technology, we have to wait until spring before starting the works. Additionally, we save a lot of money on construction inspector, we don’t have to watch over the construction team. No less important is the fact that the construction site is always clean. All the elements are prepared in the factory, and only joining of the elements takes place on the plot of land. The Polish company MTB Modules offers houses for self-assembly, which can be done by the supplier, but also by the customer himself. According to MTB Modules, manual skills and at least 2 people are enough to assemble and erect the house. The assembly instructions are very thorough. The company adds that the instructions are more accurate than those of a Swedish chain with folding furniture. Each piece is marked with a special code that makes it very easy to identify, which helps with assembly. In addition, the customer receives a trial demo manual from MTB Modules. Even a crane is not needed for the smallest houses of 35 square metres. The largest piece weighs a maximum of 60 kg. If the customer doesn’t feel confident to assemble such a house by himself, he can use the help of a professional team. Within 4 weeks of launching on the market, the company has already sold several dozen houses.

Our offer is prepared for and by the client. We are able to offer the whole range of services when it comes to modular constructions: from delivery of the house, to its assembly, to turnkey finishing. We are glad that clients appreciate our professionalism and high quality of our products. Our projects are extremely advanced and we are constantly developing and improving them – convinces Bartosz Tracz, President of MTB Modules sp. z o.o.

The smallest houses are popular not only among individual customers. Hotel chains order them to create independent hotel rooms for rent. Each of such rooms can be set up and prepared for use within one day. The best part, however, is that the location of such a hotel can be changed very quickly if necessary. During the high season, it can serve guests at the seaside, for example, and in the low season near business centers.

ll thanks to the fact that transport is possible and not very complicated. Production companies located in Poland can therefore deliver modules to any corner of the world. Currently, the company is also working on a system of ready-made electrical and plumbing installations “from a package”, which will be able to be set up in a modular house by oneself. Which way will the industry go and where is the limit of possibilities? We’ll see soon enough.  

*MTB Modules is a Polish company founded by four brothers based in Chojnice. Within a few years, the company has grown to have representatives in 13 countries around the world, from Croatia to Taiwan. The driving force of the company are its owners, who hold the most important positions in the company. The products offered by MTB Modules are based on a bold and modern design, which differs from many already existing on the market. The company is working on new projects, which will be implemented both on the Polish and foreign markets. 

Podcast Local/Global. The modular houses of the company from Chojnice are inhabited by, among others recipients from Germany, Great Britain, USA and Tunisia:

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