Our technology

SIP Panel

The SIP panel is the main building material used in the construction of our houses. A certified material of our manufacture that provides exceptionally good insulation. A new home built with structurally insulated panels reduces air movement and draughts, dampness, noise and helps to prevent the ingress of dust and allergens.


built with 174 mm thick SIP panels based on a strong Scandinavian – certified timber construction. Advantages of FLAT PACK houses: -fast lead time, -can be transported anywhere in the world, -can be built in all weather conditions. 


are models produced in our factory according to a predetermined design. Depending on the design in our range, the buildings can be partially or fully equipped. The greatest advantages include: -no need to hire finishing teams, -the possibility of living in the house immediately after transport to the destination, -mobility.


a building is erected off-site using controlled factory conditions and then transported and assembled at its final location. This type of construction can include a range of different building types and floor plans. Modular construction can be used for residential buildings up to 25 storeys high.
The biggest advantages are:
-fast on-site assembly (just a few hours),
-high resistance to the passage of time,
-fit for use as residential as well as industrial buildings.

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