Inter MTB Modules, the MTB Modules distributor, is constantly evaluating potential MTB Modules distributor in both new and existing markets. When considering new distributors, MTB Modules evaluates attributes such as:
  • experience
  • local market knowledge and presence (demonstrating ability to set up and operate MTB Modules stores)
  • corporate culture and values
  • financial strength and ability to complete the investment process across a country and in a large-scale retail environment format
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We are always looking for new suppliers who share our passion for quality and sustainability.

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The MTB Modules trademark is sometimes used without our permission.
It is very important to us that our consumers are not misled, and that they can have confidence that all products bearing the MTB Modules trademark are genuine products.
We therefore ask you to help us by reporting any wrongful use of the MTB Modules trademark or similar marks.
We cannot give you any reward or compensation, but you will get a big thank you for your support in protecting the MTB Modules trademark and preventing fraud and misrepresentation.

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Please visit our International site to find out more.

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We are happy that you want to apply for an internship with us. We are always looking for future colleagues who have a desire to learn about our business.

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Our popularity causes attempts to copy our brand – help us solve these problems and how to avoid falling victim to fraud.

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