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The MTB Modules catalog is available online.
Check it out! 

Available to you in three languages. Complete and up-to-date offer of MTB homes.

B2B app is ready! 

Are you our distributor? Great!
You have to check a brand new B2Bapp, which make your business with MTB much easier. 

B2Bapp is one in kind – MTB Modules Interactive Hub where you can find everything you need to improve sales nad customer care of MTB products. 

New Logistic Center in Poland

We’re happy to introduce our new logistic center!

Let’s welcome Universal!

New series of modular buildings “Universal”. Offices, Saunas, Garages, Changing rooms, Shops, Toilets – Universal use. Coming soon on sale!

We’re expanding. MTBmarkt SHOP‘s comming!

Soon we’re launching our new platform with premium accessories for modular building. Stay tuned!

Discover our offer

Think bigger. Live smaller.

In our homes, even the smallest ones, you will not have the impression that you are in a mobile or holiday home. The stability of our homes make you feel the comfort of a higher class hotel room. The ergonomic design never makes you feel that you are in a relatively small space. Try it for yourself, contact our representative to get an offer.

We work just as well, regardless of scale

We know how to present a flexible offer and provide the highest quality, regardless of whether we produce small houses or large hotels built from our modules.

Modular construction is one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world. We are proud to present you MTB Modules – a company that sets a new quality in modular systems. Regardless of what it is that you need – a hotel, an office building or a residential home, we will do everything so that our solutions satisfy your needs.

The seat of our company is in Poland. The dynamic growth of MTB Modules makes us operate globally. We have over a dozen representatives located all over the world. Get to know them and contact your country representative.

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